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No-Churn, Two-Ingredient Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

I know summer has started to say goodbye in most parts of the world, but I genuinely believe that ice cream is not a seasonal dessert. You should be able to eat ice cream in any season, no matter how hot or cold.

For this particular blog post, I'm going to share my recipe for ice cream — cookies and cream ice cream. Cookies and Cream is my all-time favorite ice cream flavors; I love the beautiful vanilla ice cream peppered with crunchy cookie crumbles. This ice cream flavor is a lovely play with textures and flavors; it's delightful. And, you can make it yourself, in your very own kitchen!

And, no, you don't need an ice cream maker. This recipe is for no-churn Cookies and Cream ice cream with only two ingredients (if you don't count the cookies and vanilla flavoring). It's incredibly easy to make, and it is creamy, crunchy, and simply delicious.

What's in the cookies and cream ice cream?

This ice cream base is extremely simple; it calls for only two ingredients: heavy whipping cream and condensed milk.

To make the ice cream, you will need to whip the heavy cream until you see stiff peaks. Sometimes, you might see stiff peaks, but the cream will not have whipped enough. A simple trick to test if the cream is whipped adequately is to dip a (clean) finger in the bowl's side and taste the whipped cream. If what you tasted felt like you ate air, your whipped cream is perfect, and it's good to go.

Whipped cream needs to be cold; otherwise, it's going to melt away and dismember. If you're working in a warm climate, I suggest you place your whipping cream bowl over a larger bowl filled with ice and rock salt. Rock salt reduces the melting point of ice, so it will hold its shape for longer while you whip your cream.

I also add a little bit of vanilla extract to give the ice cream base a good flavor, instead of the one-note milk-like flavor. I add the vanilla extract while the cream is being whipped instead of folding it in later.

Next, you're supposed to fold in the condensed milk, followed by crushed chocolate-vanilla cookies. I've used Oreo cookies for this ice cream.

Now is a good point of time to tell you that this ice cream base is incredibly versatile and adaptable. You can create so many ice cream flavors by using whipped cream and condensed milk as your base. If you don't want to make cookies and cream ice cream, fold in a little bit of melted chocolate, or fold in some fresh fruits of your choice, or maybe even add a different type of cookie or even create a brand new ice cream flavor, the possibilities are endless!


You only need one piece of kitchen equipment (apart from the freezer, of course) to make this Cookies and Cream flavored ice cream, and it's the electric mixer.

I find it easier and quicker to whip Cream by using an electric mixer with the whisk attachment. You are more than welcome to whip the cream by hand, but know that it will take an excruciating amount of time.

You'll need the following to make the cookies and cream ice cream:

  • Large mixing bowl

  • Electric mixer with the whisk attachment or a wire whisk

  • Rubber spatula

  • ½ kg container with a lid

The Recipe For No-Churn, Two-Ingredient Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Time: 20 minutes plus overnight freezing

Yields: 500 grams of ice cream


  • 175 grams (¾ cup) heavy whipping cream, cold

  • 150 grams (½ cup) condensed milk

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

  • 15-20 Oreo cookies


  • Crush the cookies into various sizes of chunks with your hands or a rolling pin. Set them aside.

  • Pour the heavy cream into a large mixing bowl, place it over another bowl filled with ice and rock salt.

  • Whip the heavy cream using an electric hand mixer or a stand mixer with the whisk attachment. Add the vanilla extract while the mixer is on.

  • Start at medium speed on the mixer and gradually increase it to high, whip until you see stiff peaks on your Cream.

  • Use a rubber spatula to fold in the condensed milk and oreo cookies into the whipped cream.

  • Pour the ice cream mixture into a container of your choice.

  • Cover the container with a lid if it comes with one, otherwise use some plastic wrap to cover your container.

  • Let your ice cream set in the freezer for anywhere between 8-12 hours or ideally overnight.


This ice cream base can be used to make different flavors; you can add just about anything to the whipped cream and condensed milk mixture.

If you tried my recipe for this coffee cake, let me know what you thought in the comments below or on Instagram and Facebook.

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